From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Friday, 30 December 2011

Last Post of 2011!

Its new years eve eve! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! This will be my last post of 2011, and I'm looking forward to the year ahead, I've got plans to regularly update my blog and plenty more looks in mind as well as a trip to Tokyo (hopefully)(maybe some more hehe) coming up next year. I'm also going to York on tuesday, and paying a visit to my favourite Mulberry outlet, I'm after (prehaphs) a bag but most definitely an iPad case for my shiny new toy, so make sure you look out for that...

Today im wearing a silver knitted dress from H&M, this dress is an asteal at £7.99, my size sold out in the newcastle store but luckily i somehow managed to order the last one over the phone!(woo!) BEWARE, h&m delivery is SLOW, it took nearly 2 weeks to arrive.

Never the less its a really easy dress to throw on for work or night, again I've gone metallic, something I never have done last year but this year I'm loving it(well the pieces from h&m at least).

It looks more of a grey on the photos as they dont really capture the metallic, my necklace is very old from Topshop ,dee my other blog post to see where my shoes and cardi are from, thick tights are a must with this dress also!

Oh and here is my iPad ^.^ Hopefully i can find a lovely Mulberry case for it to sit in soon!

Leave a comment and don't forget to leave all your lovely blogs and I'll pay them a visit!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter warmer

Firstly, I must apologize for how long it has been since my last blog post! Also for how short it was, from now on I promise to keep them coming! I've got plenty new looks to show for winter, I've just been caught up in the busy festive period with work etc!

This fairisle print skirt from River Island was sure to get me in the christmas mood, it was the first time I've bought a longer skirt (all mine are great lengths above the knee) but its probably the most flattering skirt I've ever had! Now i'm addicted, I NEED more tight fitting midi skirts in my life!

However, I couldn't resist this perfect jumper, its angora mix ,so is super soft and really easy for just throwing over my skirt, dresses, anything! It has a slight metallic sheen too it (something I usually stray away from but its definitley more chic than chatty) so it was a steal from H&M!

The shoes! From my favourite, ASOS, the perspex looks like its frosting over, coming up from the ground ( I think atleast ha ha). I've wanted some persex heels for a while so snatched these boots up in the sale when the chance came, glittery socks to continue my little metallic feel (Primark, bargain)

The teal clutch is also from ASOS, (matching nails did you notice ;)) I might buy myself a porfolio clutch in the sales because I like the look of them ^.^, Im also after a new cardigan and/or jacket. I've discovered I'm quite short on them lately, this kimono style one has a nice silhouette, and is just borrowed from my mams wardrobe.

For now, I cannot wait for christmas! My next post will be after, and hopefully some good sale purchase posts after!

Have a lovely christmas!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Galactic Skirt

I've been wearing a lot of black again lately, not really sure how to dress for the English weather atm.

There was something about this skirt that got my attention, well, enough for me to purchase it!

Its weird because it is nothing like the stuff I buy most of the time, it reminds me of Christopher Kane.

Top: Vintage
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Nine West

It's longer at the back so flows really lovely, almost looks like its sparkling.

More coming soon!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Blush Sky

These are a few of my favourite shots from my Holiday. Took at sunset the sun was reflected in the water turning it and the sky a lovely shade of pink, oh so similair to the colour of my dress at the time.

Dress: Asos
Sandals: Kurt Geiger
Necklace: DIY

My Bargain
The dress of course! From the ASOS sale at £15
I loved the cut away mid drift however I am yet to and seriously doubt I'll get away with wearing it in England again any time soon :(

My necklace was actually part of a birthday card from my mam a couple years ago, it had this lovely strawberry on, so I took it apon myself to add it to some thread and turn it into an accessory.

Soon will be the last of my summer uploads I think :( however I have some good ideas for A/W so stay tuned..

See you soon!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hand embroided dress

Hopefully you will remeber my blog poat not so long ago about my hand embroided dress I was working on, if not, see it here.

I finally finished all the beading I wanted to do, I filled the blue triangles and green triangles completely and thickened the burnt orange coloured lines.

The Result:
This is one of the images from my holiday wearing the dress ,complete with stacks of bangles in similar colours...

Dress: H&M, beading added by me
shoes: Kurt Geiger
Tote Bag:ASOS

I know it hardly feels like summer any more now in England, I just want to show the last of my summer looks before starting on the new season, so some more escapism is yet to come!

See you soon :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crotchet dress

Just a quick post today, to let me lookbooker fans know where I actaully got my completely crotchet outfit!

It is infact all topshop!
Crotchet bikini & the dress was reduced to £15 from £50!
How much happier everything is in the sun! I love the sun, and now I'm sad because I just want to be back on holiday :(

This was actually taken on the Island of Antipaxos, which is where they filmed the bounty adverts!

Im afraid my post has to be,
Short and sweet today!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

DIY Jewellery- Would you wear that?

A new idea I have been experimenting with is making jewellery and prehaphs then selling it on places like Etsy and in stalls etc.

For this post especially, if you read this, please leave a comment, I'd love to know everyones thoughts on my items, would you wear it? Is it something you'd look at in a shop? Is there something missing?

Watermelon Bracelet
I used a bunch of watermelon seeds, and washed them then left them in the sun to dry.

Using an embrodiery needle, I attatched my seeds come beads to elasticated string.

I added colour, using my favourite summer nail varnish which is a bright coral colour. You can use anything I suppose, I half painted these because I wanted my bracelet to still hold a tribal feel.
Using an embrodiery needle, I attatched my seeds come beads to elasticated string.
I expermented with another colour too, I didn't want to mix any other different materials into my bracelets as I felt it may have cheapened them in a way, I'm open to all thoughts/ suggestions though

Let me know if you've made any jewelerry, what works best for you, let me know if there any colours you would like to see on mine!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who else wants beautiful clothes without the high-end price?

Whats the secret? Well, you just need to be creative! I set myself a little project after lusting over the beautiful "Aztec Dresses" in Allsaints. I'm definitley a fan, however, not so much a fan of the £295 price tag.
So, I collected all the beads I had ( I'm lucky to be blessed with a mam who used to be into sewing and therefore I already had all these beautiful colours)
I sketeched out my design and got to work..
I cheated a bit on this one as I had already bought the dress from H&M for £7 instead of making it myself!
I'm still working on my dress! I'm just doing little bits at a time, I thought that I may have got sick of it, but so far so good, I'm enjoying it! In the end you can be proud of your creation, and that's what design and making is all about for me, the feeling of satisfaction at the end when you know you've made a great quailty product you just love, I can't WAIT to wear it on holiday.

To be honest If you think about the months wages the £295 all saints number is costing you, you actually save time too.

It's just about being smart!

Can't wait to show the finished dress!
'Till Then

Azetec Dress Photo:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Holiday shopping

A recent shopping trip for my holidays got me a lovely maxi and THESE shoes.

They're Kork-Ease and are THE MOST comfiest shoes I have honestly ever worn. This guaranteed them to be a holiday buy.

Not only that, of course like all my buys, the price was a factor, Kork-ease shoes are over my budget and this particular leather, snake skin pattern pair are RRP: £115 however, finding them in my favourite shop, TKMAXX they were as little as £24.99

Thats less than what any one would be asked to pay for a pair of FAKE leather heels in any highstreet store. It's not hard to find quality if you just shop around!

Thats not all, but I've recently picked up a Paul&Joe Playsuit from TKMAXX for a ridiculous ( I think the RRP was around £90) £12 now THAT is a bargain, that is less than effing primark now.

This outfit:
Paul&Joe playsuit: TKMAXX
Korkease Shoes: TKMAXX
Bag: Mulberry Outlet

A small teaser for my next post, I'll be showing what I'm doing to customise this lovely orange maxi in time for Greece!
See you soon!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day at the Seaside

Today was a beautifully sunny day for once and I visited Tynemouth fair, lovely place, had a walk along the coast too for icecream ^.^

I did a bit of talking to stall holders there, found out some new techniques and got some cheap thread, embrodiery needles and trims so I'm happy.

Todays looks was very fitting for our costal trip

Breton striped tee: from a Clothes swap
Shorts: Topshop
"Fake Karl" bag: at ASOS
Pumps:Bloch (from TKMAXX)

Labels for Less
About: Bloch Pumps These lovely shoes are from Bloch RRP:£115 and I found them in TKMAXX for just £29.99 Everything about them is timeless, the colour, the shape, and they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. (I have problems with ballet pumps, they slip on and off the feet annoyingly, but these dont) so great for those with skinny feet. They had them in black and white, also teal and white too, I wish I could of got all three sets!

Next post will be about a little embroidery project I have coming up in time for my holidays!

Untill then.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Very Grunge Day

I don't know what it was today, I just couldn't find outfit inspiration. Infact the rain probably inspired me today cause I ended up in black black black.

I've been wearing a lot lately and I'm not quite sure why,

Here's me looking very miserable in what i feel like calling council estate chic. But its not infact it' my new street :/
Jut hoping the sun gets out so I can get more of my bright colours on! (Been ordering some more of ASOS Sale) ;)

I go over to Paxos on the 11th and I cannot wait, definitley some good photo opportunitys over there.

Top: Artisans for ASOS
Leather Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Carvela
Bag: Vivienne Westwood


Sunday, 19 June 2011

My first Mulberry bag

It's a major moment, I have recently just purchased my first Mulberry bag, and not only is it the softest, most exquist lime coloured bag I have ever seen, but was probably the best price anyone could possibly get a new one at.(Honest)

And that's what I'm about really, yes I appreciate high end designers clothes and in this case a perfectly formed Mulberry bag, but I could just never afford one. Thats why I'd like to expand my blog into My Personal Shopping Blog I have SO many great finds, new, or used, at amazing prices I got them for. I want to pass these tips on to everyone, so that you to can know you CAN get designer labels, without the designer price tag. It's not all about designer though - a item I get I always shop around for the best prices!

The bag is a Hayden Cross Body in Yellow Lime Plonge Lambskin and it's perfect.

So where did I purchase this? Well, it was actaully in Yorkshire, on a day out with my boyfriend we got the train down from Newcastle. I wanted to have a look in the Mulberry shop when we seen it, purely because Newcastle doesn't ahev one and it looked very pretty. When I started to look at the prices I noticed they were all reduced. I got a bit excited to say the least when I realised that it was actually a Mulberry Outlet store.

Many of the bags that had been £900 were still holding out of my league £500 price tags, but it was still lovely to have a look, I almost got a purse for £60 and now 'Im desperate for the diary that matched my bag at only £20(from 70)! But then I seen it, the bag, all the other bags were far more expensive but this lovely creation with a similar styled one was priced only £100 I had to have it. I debated the two but went for this style because I loved the size of the shoulder strap.

Ok, £100 still on the higher end of my buys by a long shot but bloody good for a Mulberry bag no? The actual price of this bag is £375, so thats £275 discount. Wow. I had a little look on ebay and found these bags are still selling for around the £300 mark from there.

So, I went home a very happy girl with my new bag, and since i'ts Mulberry's 40th anniversary, I got loads of cute stuff. I got stickers, beautiful postcards and my favourite, the badges. I can upload seperate photos of these if anyone interested. Not sure what to do with them yet. Probably just preserve them ;)

Of course the bag comes with a year warranty and dustbag (free repairs) but I doubt I'll be needing it or letting anything happen to it.

That's all for now I'll keep posting my latest best buys!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Finished outfit!

These are the images of my completed outfit, including plait, on the stand and real model! We decided that for now any bloomers are not needed ( which is what I wanted in the first place) but the final decesion will still be left to the night.

I'm extremely pleased with how its worked out and once gold jewellery, and tan wedges are added the look will be perfect!

This post is a little late due to my internet being off from moving house!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Producing The Plait

To create my plait for the skirt, I began by getting my left over fabric, unfortunateley there was not enough lace, so I worked with the orange scarf fabric and some other string like fabric.

I rolled up the orange fabric and made it into a tube by sewing it down the side..

I then simply plaited my two orange tubes I had created and my stringy material, to create a chunky plait.

My plait will go across the front slit of my skirt, and is the final touch to my completed garments.