From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cannes: Day 1

Yess it's Cannes time, I have got to see this is by far my most favourite place I have been to yet, i'ts gorgeous, the weather was perfect, the street style is very much a lot of crisp white and ZARA, so can't go wrong there. Yeah its a beautiful place. I was a little bit worried it was going to be like higher end blackpool beach vibe going on on the front, but it was far from it!

The Carlton
 The first night we arrived quite late and had already ate so as we weren't hungry we went out for a walk and an explore along the front, the walk on La Croisette was lit up and the place was buzzing!
The next morning..

This was a Sunday, shops were closed however a amazing Vintage market was on near the front, I would honestly go back just to visit the market again, it was like another world seeing geniune vintage Chanel bags on market tables, along with Louis Vuitton, Hermes scarfs, and an unimaginable amount of jewellery, I spied some Chanel earrings for 90 euros, the cheapest as they were small plastic hearts with the interlocking C logo.. I resisted tempation ;) I'm sure the price was OK but they weren't really my style...
La Croisette
I Picked up these nude leather (vintage) shorts from that retro shop in London, Retro Woman, I mentioned in my London Post below here

My full outfit:
Top:Primark £6, I think, steal...
Leather Shorts: Retro Woman
Sunglasses: ASOS
Plastic Tote: £6, Primark too, MAJOR holiday steal
Shoes: Bloch at TKmaxx

A note, plastic totes are everywhere this summer, I seen myself coveting Anya Hindmarchs £300 plastic bags... things are really put into perspective when you find one in Primark for £6, in my favourite shade, after all its a plastic bag, probably costs about 6p to make.
I love the plastic shiny metallic stage fashion is moving through atm, and these bags are just THE perfect holiday/any day summer bag, durable, doesnt matter if it gets sand in, wipe clean, oversized, what more could you ask for for your perfect carry all?

looked too yummy
You know what, I love food so much, I might turn my fashion blog into a Fashion, foodie,er fusion... what do you think? I have so many pictures on food on Instagram I don't upload here, and hey I'm basically the most frequent 18 yr old restaurant go-er in Newcastle.
Rue d'Antibes, my favourite street <3
After the market we went for a cocktail along the front, later that night we went for Italians yum.. It was even a challenge finding a restaurant open on a Sunday! The same with Monday to be honest, the French certainly know how to seriously take a day off, or two ( it's mental how things close for lunch I think also, wtf?!)

So a couple more posts to come on the rest of my short break,

Aslo, your thoughts on my fashion foodie blog? Go :)

Kate ^.^