From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Monday, 30 April 2012

Lilac jeans

Well this is the last time you will see me with silver/white hair, I've had a disaster with a hairdresser and now it is basically a yellow/white colour with orange roots and striped lowlights on top (lush) anyhoo its getting fixed tomorrow...

So these are my Lilac true religeon jeans! I was lucky to get them for free from work,So yeah they are major steal... they are so tight, they are like leggings,they are very stretchy though! Hopefully these jeans can take me into summer, since the weather is so awful! ( get me on holiday now- less than two weeks to go).

I got these high tops from asos, in one of my favourite shades, mint ;). I'd been after some trainers for a while, originally I wanted nude leather ones, not necessarily high tops,( I soon discovered these did not exist, or for a reasonable price anyways) but when I was browsing through asos and seen these I ( obviously) could not resist.

I'm wearingy jeans with this sweat top, it has quite subtle bluey/green panels on the neckline and shoulder which are nice, I like to dress this jumper up, I'm definitely a fan of the sportswear vibe which is channeling through fashion ATM.

My full outfit
Jumper: diesel from tkmaxx
Jeans:True religion
Hi-tops: asos

Wearing these jeans with hitops gives then a completely different look,( especially mint ones) it looks a lot more trend based... so far I think my favourite is just nude pumps, I'd like to try them with some cute heels too.

After a bit more wear, I think these jeans are soon to be my new favourite pair for summer, have you got your favourite pair?  What's your favourite item to pair with jeans, have you invested in any coloured jeans?

Lots coming up, like I say I'm Off on holiday in about 11 days.. And I'm visiting London for the first time( yes first I know) on Saturday!

Dont forget to leave your blogs on the comments i always love going through them and making sure I follow! 
Be back soon

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sugary Sweet Angora

Well well! Here's a sneak peak at my shorts, when I saw them, they reminded me of the s/s12 Chanel show far too much. I originally wanted a skirt but the shorts were just too cute! Not bad for £23 from Zara either!
I can't wait to wear them with bare legs in the summer ( or on holiday) but as the chill is still here, tights and a jumper it is!


I bought this jumper way before Christmas, however the slight metallic sheen isn't just for winter! It can be worn woth pretty much anything and It slides in perfectly with my spring/summer wardrobe! ( which consists of lots of sheeny things, blues, green and mint, got an underwater theme going on ATM) I love how soft and comfy it is, it's a lovely angora mix and at the time I got it half price online with a discount code!

This shirt i got a while ago, I wanted something sleeveless and I loved the colour! Plus it was a very reasonable 7.99, so I didn't really mind about the crappy viscose material ;). I customised the collar ( I have a thing for collars ATM) with some spikes which I have been meaning to utilise for a some time, originally I was going to add them to slippers/loafer shoes but never got found to finding the right pair ( at an okay price if I was going to stick spikes in them). So a spikey collar it is!

my full outfit:
Blue shirt: h&m with DIY spikes
Angora mix Jumper: h&m
Short shorts: Zara

How are you wearing metallics in the summer? I find them great to soften up with pastel/ light shades! Leave a comment below and let me know... Don't forget to leave your blogs and will pay them a visit as usual!
You have all been so kind in the comments lately! (don't stop ;) I appreciate you all visiting my blog so much!

Will be back soon!

Kate <3

Monday, 9 April 2012

Bitter morning

Dear English weather, wtf? We have had a stunning week then all of a sudden snow :/ when this photo was taken it was abso freezing and the has been my most drastic attempt at layering clothes yet. Also I have new pants, but try not to notice the pants, ( I don't want this post to be about the pants- ill do another one for them haha) infanct I have many new exciting beautiful lovely clothes ( and SHOES- such an amazing pair I got for my birthday off my bf still deserve a post all in themselves) also, this is my first post done completely from my iPad-yay!

However I think a few of them may wait till Cannes :D

Here's a photo of transitional dressing From the satorialist, I love the colours of different textures here, and tropical snake prints make me dream of summer,mmmm.
Now you can see my poor attempt at transitional dressing for basically winter weather, bringing in brights.

Yes I'm wearing a shirt, a jumper, a cardigan, and a trench.

I love the bright shade of this jumper, it's like a candy ice cream and is almost identical to the shade of my bag.

I like layer shirts under things, and seeing the collar, I need more shirts and things to layer them under, hehe.

These are the pants, like I say I'll do a proper post with them later, they are the most beautiful, comfortable soft leather pants from gestuz.

My outfit today
Shoes:topshop sale
Leather pants:gestuz
Printed shirt(under):vintage
Jumper:topshop sale
Cardigan: tkmaxx
Trench:tkmaxxx ( Calvin Klein)

Depending on the weather, hopefully my next post can be a bright one, let's keep our fingers crossed,

I'm also after a hat for Cannes...mmm only about a month left to wait, don't forget to leave comments and I'll pay all your blogs a visit!

Be back soon,
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