From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Saturday, 9 July 2011

DIY Jewellery- Would you wear that?

A new idea I have been experimenting with is making jewellery and prehaphs then selling it on places like Etsy and in stalls etc.

For this post especially, if you read this, please leave a comment, I'd love to know everyones thoughts on my items, would you wear it? Is it something you'd look at in a shop? Is there something missing?

Watermelon Bracelet
I used a bunch of watermelon seeds, and washed them then left them in the sun to dry.

Using an embrodiery needle, I attatched my seeds come beads to elasticated string.

I added colour, using my favourite summer nail varnish which is a bright coral colour. You can use anything I suppose, I half painted these because I wanted my bracelet to still hold a tribal feel.
Using an embrodiery needle, I attatched my seeds come beads to elasticated string.
I expermented with another colour too, I didn't want to mix any other different materials into my bracelets as I felt it may have cheapened them in a way, I'm open to all thoughts/ suggestions though

Let me know if you've made any jewelerry, what works best for you, let me know if there any colours you would like to see on mine!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who else wants beautiful clothes without the high-end price?

Whats the secret? Well, you just need to be creative! I set myself a little project after lusting over the beautiful "Aztec Dresses" in Allsaints. I'm definitley a fan, however, not so much a fan of the £295 price tag.
So, I collected all the beads I had ( I'm lucky to be blessed with a mam who used to be into sewing and therefore I already had all these beautiful colours)
I sketeched out my design and got to work..
I cheated a bit on this one as I had already bought the dress from H&M for £7 instead of making it myself!
I'm still working on my dress! I'm just doing little bits at a time, I thought that I may have got sick of it, but so far so good, I'm enjoying it! In the end you can be proud of your creation, and that's what design and making is all about for me, the feeling of satisfaction at the end when you know you've made a great quailty product you just love, I can't WAIT to wear it on holiday.

To be honest If you think about the months wages the £295 all saints number is costing you, you actually save time too.

It's just about being smart!

Can't wait to show the finished dress!
'Till Then

Azetec Dress Photo:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Holiday shopping

A recent shopping trip for my holidays got me a lovely maxi and THESE shoes.

They're Kork-Ease and are THE MOST comfiest shoes I have honestly ever worn. This guaranteed them to be a holiday buy.

Not only that, of course like all my buys, the price was a factor, Kork-ease shoes are over my budget and this particular leather, snake skin pattern pair are RRP: £115 however, finding them in my favourite shop, TKMAXX they were as little as £24.99

Thats less than what any one would be asked to pay for a pair of FAKE leather heels in any highstreet store. It's not hard to find quality if you just shop around!

Thats not all, but I've recently picked up a Paul&Joe Playsuit from TKMAXX for a ridiculous ( I think the RRP was around £90) £12 now THAT is a bargain, that is less than effing primark now.

This outfit:
Paul&Joe playsuit: TKMAXX
Korkease Shoes: TKMAXX
Bag: Mulberry Outlet

A small teaser for my next post, I'll be showing what I'm doing to customise this lovely orange maxi in time for Greece!
See you soon!