From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Friday, 10 August 2012

Ama Zebra (neon one)

First of all, im just gonna say my life has had a lack of routine lately and I crave it so much! Summer has been working and constant moving so I'm so happy to say that on Wednesday I'll be moving in with my boyfriend to the flat that will be our home for the next four years I'm at uni, and oh my god it's gonna be unreal I can't wait to show photos ( finally I can let my creativity loose with something else other than clothes)!

Also I've realised I talk to much on here, and it makes my posts far too long and unintersting, I'm a visual person, and all I wanna give you guys is good visuals without  too much rambling on. So...
Today's outfit

the most perfectly formed white leather trainer wedges you will ever meet.
My full outfit
Dress: primark. £5 fuck yeah btw
Bag: tkmaxx  39.99 full leather ( its in the sale now too)
Shoes: See By Chloe ( okay so these were my birthday present)
Bracelets: Randoms from Ebay

I love midi length dresses

Short right ;) untill next time!