From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Producing The Plait

To create my plait for the skirt, I began by getting my left over fabric, unfortunateley there was not enough lace, so I worked with the orange scarf fabric and some other string like fabric.

I rolled up the orange fabric and made it into a tube by sewing it down the side..

I then simply plaited my two orange tubes I had created and my stringy material, to create a chunky plait.

My plait will go across the front slit of my skirt, and is the final touch to my completed garments.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Its the small details that count...

I started working on some embroidery on my lace skirt with some beads I had from home, I worked around the flowers and then did a few cross stitches around and single beads...

I now want to create my chunky plait to go across my skirt out of the orange and lace fabric left over as well as much extra, I'll also need to decide on choosing my shoes and accessories to create the full look, at the moment I am thinking of using some of my own tan cork wedges, lace bloomers and a array of chunky gold jewels. I will use some of the fabric left over to help with creating accessories for the whole trend so all the looks are consistant!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Skirt Work

MY pannels are finished and im very happy with them! Also, I finally got an even, flattering open back after sewing the back again, but I am much happier with it now..

As i begin work on my skirt I start by pinning it in a way I want it to hang, I spent a while playing around with it to get it the right way and stitched around the top to create a waistband that would fit, I also cut it around the edges and in parts to make it look more rugged. I am still deciding whether to put a button or a tie in so that the skirt can fasten..

At first I created twists and weaved them across a slit I had made, however, we help from other opinions as well as my own I decided this wasn't the best idea.

My next job will be to create a large plait, out of various skirt strips and orange material, as this will be neater and easer to keep so than a simple twist which are likely to come undone.. I would also like to do some embroidery and beadwork along the flowers, but I am yet to decide where yet because it is important that it can be seen.

So just work left to be done on the skirt now, and then my creation is finished! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Creating Pannels

I finished sewing my open back (as shown below) so that it hang in the right place, I then started sewing my pannels onto my body

I found the pannels quite challenging to sew in at times because the material constantly had to be kept tight and symmetrical so I had to remove it numerous times from the sewing machine to keep it pulled in place, as well as making sure I did not sew too close to the fray
An idea I have for the back is to create a bondage style back with the left over material I have from creating pannels, the orange material would come across the open back giving it a more modern twist, however I'm not sure whether I will use this idea as of yet..
To finish the pannels I will cut the material so that it stops half way covering the whole front half of the body, then I just have my skirt to work on!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Getting the structure right for my body has proved a challenge today and it has took me the whole day to get it at an even point, so just what seems a small update today.

I've also got to the point where my body no longer fits on my mannaquin so the normal hanger photos do not it justice...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Look Update...

I'm trying to keep this updated every day so I can make the progression of my look as clear as possible,

Today I've finished sewing my arms, neckline and other various edges as neat as possible..

I've pinned my back ready to be sewn...

Also, after a tedious proccess of rubbing coffee into my tablecloth and soaking it I have managed to get it to turn a light brown colour, I wanted a sort of dip-dye effect so have made the ends a darker colour too!

I plan cutting the cloth into a skirt in a ragged, distressed style and incoperating different techniques into such as weaving, making it more fitting to current "modern craft" trend..

(see image below)
I'll post an update tomorrow, I can't wait to see the finished look all come together!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Ready, steady, sew!

So, these were the items I managed to pick up from what was donated from the Salvation Army...

1. Pailsey printed dress
2. Orange Scarf
3. Another printed dress..

However, I felt the two prints were just a little too much together but I was then blessed with a white table cloth - the possibilities!
Discovering I could unpick my scarf giving me more material I also wanted to use a fraying technique to give me look a boho feel...
For the table cloth I want to create a high waisted uneven skirt, I then want to dye it with coffee to a dirtier colour...
The whole body is the dress back to front, the buttoned front will become a open back, I cut off the arms of the body, pinned them and sewn arm holes, I created a better more suiting neckline & I have pinned my scarfs in place where I want to create pannels on my body..
I want my body to be structured at the top of legs, very much gaga-esque...
To create this structure I stuffed the inside of the body with denim to make it as stiff as possible,
I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I collected images from a range of shows such as Fendi, Jonathan Sauders, Aquilano E Rimondi, Henry Holland & Topshop Unique, these were my favourite shows and I created my trend board with a contrast of bohemian style and sleek cut tangerine pieces. Similarly I have incoperated both sides in my design...
I wanted to create tangerine pannels to flatter the shape of the body, I also plan on giving the body a structured build around the legs accentuating the models figure again.
I designed my look referring back to the materials available to make sure my look was based on what I can create from what has been provided.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Seventies Inspiration

For the seventies trend our group has been chosen to do, I took alot of my inspiration from the Topshop Unique S/S 11 show, i loved the mix of prints used and the fact they were tapping into the Modern Craft trend too. They have mixed many different textures and styles such as knitwear into dresses (picture 1&3) and creating different panneled on dresses from different clashing prints (5). Dyed denim was also used doubled up (8) and I loved the sheer maxi skirts (9).

For me, I loved the mix of prints on the body (1) and plan to create my own with clashing prints, for a complete look I think a sheer maxi skirt will compliment it beautifully, but I am yet to decide on what sort of print it would have! For styling the frizzy hair is a must and I love the circular sunglasses, I would accessorize looks more with large straw hats, seen at Marc Jacobs S/S11 and chunky wedges.

sources :All first are from images from and are deisgns for the Topshop Unique SS/11 show.

Friday, 4 March 2011

something a little better.. i hope

my look yesterday dissapointed me, so threw this one together in attempt to make me feel a bit better about myself..

shoes: ASOS
tights:house of holland
shorts: (insideout) matalan
bag:vivienne westwood

I just wanted to forget about trends for a bit...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

time for a new look...

its been a while for a photograph so a couple new ones, not my best but LOOK AT MY NEW BAG. yay.

clothing, from bottom
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Suspenders: House of Holland
Shorts: Primark
Silk Crop Top:Vintage

loving my new bag as a spring update and love the S/S sportwear trend atm!