From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Loopy Lexa

First of all, I know post has took a while, I'm not even going to begin to go into how busy I am. So this is THE Mulberry bag, THE mulberry bag that replaced having a iPad case.. it was ridiculously discounted (obviously) I think the RRP was something ridiculous like £900 or something and i got it for a mere (harhar) £265. I got it from the York Outlet ( which was why my last post was in york) and it was reduced twice so HAPPY TIMES. I love the print, i love the colours coming through, I love how each one was different and it took me so long to pick the one I wanted! I think this bag was made for me to pick it up! I could honestly just admire it for hours!

Also, I was dying for a pair of heels I could easily wear through the day/night! And i found my perfect pair half price (£35) I thought they might be uncomfortable as I'm usually allergic to anything that does not have a platform but the chunky heel sorts that problem out!

Today Im Wearing: Top: Vintage Scarf: Vivienne Westwood (SALE) CArdigan: TKMAXX Skirt: Topshop (SALE) Shoes: Topshop (SALE) P.s ignore my tired miserable face result of no sleep and stress. So its still cold but I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING. I HAVE BOUGHT HALF MY SPRING WARDROBE ALREADY. BUT I CANT WEAR IT ALL YET :( Plenty of blue green leather prints all sorts :D I always get excited when new season comes, when winter comes round I usually say I prefer winter fashion but it's LIES. I want to be on a beauitful city break wearing S/S clothes and NO TIGHTS. I'm thinking venice. But i probably will and freeze doing it :) Until then <3


  1. Yeah the bag is really cool!!!

    Hope u like a new post about Forever 21 and Glee in my blog

  2. in love with the bag!!! ♥♥


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