From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cannes day 2

First of all, I know that my posts take a while but I guess you will have to get used to it, I can't get into a regular routine until I am in my new flat!(woo) I have a lot to get sorted for it moving twin in a few months!

A couple more shots of the palais and the main square in Cannes

This is the day of the yellow dress! The first time I saw this dress on I coveted it so much.

It's made from neoprene, it's so thick, I love the spongey feel of the material!

I love the flare, it's such a good cut and I can say I am definitely a loyal follower of the threefloorfashion label, the prices are really reasonable or the quality of the dress is amazing for it.

And obviously the colour, I could buy one of everything in neon yellow.

The back is so flattering, I don't hae one dress with a feature back so it was needed!

My full outfit
Shoes:Kurt geiger
this is my favourite summer dress, such a shame the weather in englands pretty mediocre it needs to come out again!

Just a short one today, last holiday post up next!

Don't forgoes to leave all your blogs I love going through them all ^.^


  1. Very nice yellow dress ! I hope you will like my blog =)

  2. The neon yellow dress is fabulous. You look great in it! You have a new follower!

  3. So jealous of that dress, I saw it on another blogger as well and the colour looks lovely on you

  4. That dress i amazing!! I love that color it's so flattering, you look so pretty in this outfit!


  5. Adorable outfit! That yellow is gorgeous and makes all the other colors pop!

  6. Wow, that dress is truly awesome! Just perfect for Summer days. :) <3

  7. the dress is adorable! love the yellow on you.
    I'm your new follower.

    maddie x

  8. Amazing post!!!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment!!! I follow you now through bloglovin!!!



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