From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Last post... August, Wow, I know thats bad.   I mentioned this in other posts but I've been ridiculously busy, I basically worked the rest of my summer, moved out, moved in ( Hello quayside pad) and started uni, so pretty major stufff. I've missed some great stuff off here so I guess now I can spend some of my spare time getting up to date.

I Wanna show you the shirt I have just finished from my first project, the breif was to make a shirt from other two small circles of fabric or one large one.

 I wanted my shirt to expose the back, I also originally wanted cut-away shoulders however decided this would be too much.

The back had a stepped hem, I like it when garments have longer backs, even if just slightly noticable.

I'm obsessed with collars and after seeing a crisp white shirt with a double collar from YSL I wanted to include one too. 
My finished garment, in calico.
The striped fabric shoes where I would add my own print too it if I had the chance.

We didn't get a chance to mke the shirts out of white cotton, as planned, I would loved to have seen it ina  fabric of my choice so when I get the chance I may even make it again for myself!

What fabric would you make it out of again if you had the choice?

Let me know your thoughts :)
Kate x

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