From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My first Mulberry bag

It's a major moment, I have recently just purchased my first Mulberry bag, and not only is it the softest, most exquist lime coloured bag I have ever seen, but was probably the best price anyone could possibly get a new one at.(Honest)

And that's what I'm about really, yes I appreciate high end designers clothes and in this case a perfectly formed Mulberry bag, but I could just never afford one. Thats why I'd like to expand my blog into My Personal Shopping Blog I have SO many great finds, new, or used, at amazing prices I got them for. I want to pass these tips on to everyone, so that you to can know you CAN get designer labels, without the designer price tag. It's not all about designer though - a item I get I always shop around for the best prices!

The bag is a Hayden Cross Body in Yellow Lime Plonge Lambskin and it's perfect.

So where did I purchase this? Well, it was actaully in Yorkshire, on a day out with my boyfriend we got the train down from Newcastle. I wanted to have a look in the Mulberry shop when we seen it, purely because Newcastle doesn't ahev one and it looked very pretty. When I started to look at the prices I noticed they were all reduced. I got a bit excited to say the least when I realised that it was actually a Mulberry Outlet store.

Many of the bags that had been £900 were still holding out of my league £500 price tags, but it was still lovely to have a look, I almost got a purse for £60 and now 'Im desperate for the diary that matched my bag at only £20(from 70)! But then I seen it, the bag, all the other bags were far more expensive but this lovely creation with a similar styled one was priced only £100 I had to have it. I debated the two but went for this style because I loved the size of the shoulder strap.

Ok, £100 still on the higher end of my buys by a long shot but bloody good for a Mulberry bag no? The actual price of this bag is £375, so thats £275 discount. Wow. I had a little look on ebay and found these bags are still selling for around the £300 mark from there.

So, I went home a very happy girl with my new bag, and since i'ts Mulberry's 40th anniversary, I got loads of cute stuff. I got stickers, beautiful postcards and my favourite, the badges. I can upload seperate photos of these if anyone interested. Not sure what to do with them yet. Probably just preserve them ;)

Of course the bag comes with a year warranty and dustbag (free repairs) but I doubt I'll be needing it or letting anything happen to it.

That's all for now I'll keep posting my latest best buys!

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