From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter warmer

Firstly, I must apologize for how long it has been since my last blog post! Also for how short it was, from now on I promise to keep them coming! I've got plenty new looks to show for winter, I've just been caught up in the busy festive period with work etc!

This fairisle print skirt from River Island was sure to get me in the christmas mood, it was the first time I've bought a longer skirt (all mine are great lengths above the knee) but its probably the most flattering skirt I've ever had! Now i'm addicted, I NEED more tight fitting midi skirts in my life!

However, I couldn't resist this perfect jumper, its angora mix ,so is super soft and really easy for just throwing over my skirt, dresses, anything! It has a slight metallic sheen too it (something I usually stray away from but its definitley more chic than chatty) so it was a steal from H&M!

The shoes! From my favourite, ASOS, the perspex looks like its frosting over, coming up from the ground ( I think atleast ha ha). I've wanted some persex heels for a while so snatched these boots up in the sale when the chance came, glittery socks to continue my little metallic feel (Primark, bargain)

The teal clutch is also from ASOS, (matching nails did you notice ;)) I might buy myself a porfolio clutch in the sales because I like the look of them ^.^, Im also after a new cardigan and/or jacket. I've discovered I'm quite short on them lately, this kimono style one has a nice silhouette, and is just borrowed from my mams wardrobe.

For now, I cannot wait for christmas! My next post will be after, and hopefully some good sale purchase posts after!

Have a lovely christmas!


  1. Skirt with ethnic motif is amazing!!!!
    and i like your purse=)

    Welcome to my blog:

  2. Fabulous outfit! You have great sense of style! That bag is amazing and those boots are just wow!
    Merry Christmas! :)


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