From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Black maxi

Weather is finally warming up, but this morning it was so foggy! I have been after a black maxi skirt for a while now, this is actually a dress, which is one sleeved, it was given to me by my ( very generous) friend! It's super tight and is made from nylon and getting dressed is basically like putting a pair of tights on all over your body!

I've layered it up here with a silk vintage shirt, given to me by my mam! I love the print on this shirt, it's like a really small leopard print and the colours go with anything summer or winter. It's buttons keep falling off so I usually fasten it to the top with my Vivienne Westwood pin badge.

The shoes you have seen before and the jacket is new from h&m and it's a lovely cropped little number for when you need to dress a bit cooler in the weather.

I just added a belt to give a bit of shape as the shirt is so loose and it ended up looking like an (unintentional) peplum top. Oh well, fine by me. I haven't tried the peplum trend yet and tbh I'm not sure if I will invest, have you?

My complete outfit
Dress as skirt: all saints
Shirt: vintage
Cropped blazer: hmm
Shoes: Melissa
Belt: asos

Let me know your thoughts on my look today, and if theres a different way you would wear something! As always leave your blogs as i will pay them a visit too!


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