From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bright Start

It's march and currently 20 degrees, for north England this is amazing so best to make use of this early summer were having now because any money by July it will be pissing it down. I was inspired to try the midi length dress by this photograph on the satorialist, as soon as I saw this I wanted to re-reate the effortless effect it had, yes this is August last year, by that time english summer was well over but I never forgot that look, and when I came across a topshop number I snapped it up.

It was still winter when I bought this dress so I paired not with opaque tights and black ankle boots. Now I can finally release its summer potential ;). I'm wearing it with my ugg trainers I snapped up in the summer sales last year, and the most versatile ( and favourite atm) piece in my wardrobe, my calvin klein trench coat/dress, a pure bargain I picked up from tkmaxx last year for £40 ( I considered it an investment that really has payed off!)

I love these trainers they are so cute ^.^

My full outfit
Sunglasses: ray ban from eBay
Dress: topshop
Belt: hairband from topshop
Trainers: ugg
Trench/dress: Calvin Klein
Bag: asos

Soon I will do a post wearing this as a dress to show you how magic it really is! It is really easy to layer up, so much so I have just bought another summer jacket like this, although this one has no arms at all.

Hope your all enjoying this lovely weather just as much as I am, finally we can enjoy the sun... BARE LEGS.  Summer dressings is one of my favourite parts of fashion, i love being able to wear clothes to there full potential and be comfortable (without not freezing to death)

How do you wear midi lengths?

Please leave your pretty blogs in comments!

(wow two posts in two consecutive days- go me)

Kate <3


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  2. I really like your blog my dear!
    keep posting and go for it!!!


  3. Gorgeous outfit. You have a great style and a great blog.
    If you want we can follow each other via GFC. Promise to follow back if you like my blog and follow. Kisses

  4. love the belt! <3

  5. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  6. I just discovered your blog and I adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is absolutely impeccable!

    I had been lusting after this Topshop dress for such a long time, but I recently purchased a replica of it from Primark for just £10. I love it! It's become such a staple in my wardrobe- I literally live in it! xxx

  7. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable, I love the grungy vibe it exudes. I love your long blazers and dress here, both so minimalistic yet so chic! I am definitely your most avid reader, you are so beautiful and such an eloquent writer!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  8. i absolutely adore your style girl! and what a great blog! and i love finding new ways to wear a dress :)
    xo TJ

  9. wow i love ure look, its very casual chic. Those sneakers wid tht dress is just delicious.

  10. Thanks a lot for your nice comment :) <3
    I love this outfit, great :)

  11. girl! this is such an amazing look!!! wow!

  12. You`re look is so cool. like this. Nice blog.


  13. grey is my colour! love this look!

  14. He visto tu blog y me a encantado :)
    te sigo¿devuelves?
    unbesito ♥

  15. this is suuuuucchchh a cool look! i love this! :)

  16. this is a very celebrity look

  17. I love this look! and your hair looks awesome ... like kate hudson waves


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