From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Saturday, 19 February 2011


A few photographs from a beautiful trip to paris my bofriend took me on just after christmas. Most including my trusty camel coat but I just thought it was worth putting them on here because I had an amazing time.

We went to all the major places, the Louvre, Effiel Tower ofc, Champs-Élysées and also the vintage shops a bit more out of the way, but my favourite was Colette ( which inculded work from young up and coming designers. The stores layout is lovely and has loads of quirky ornaments suiting different designers. Although, when we were there there was a sale on (yay) so there was quite a few sale racks but they still had beautifully presented mannequins displaying outfits from an aray of designers.

The photos of me were took by my wonderful boyfriend and and ones of effiel tower myself.

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  1. Beautiful: styles, photos, blog!


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