From Catwalk to Kate

From Catwalk to Kate

Friday, 18 March 2011

Creating Pannels

I finished sewing my open back (as shown below) so that it hang in the right place, I then started sewing my pannels onto my body

I found the pannels quite challenging to sew in at times because the material constantly had to be kept tight and symmetrical so I had to remove it numerous times from the sewing machine to keep it pulled in place, as well as making sure I did not sew too close to the fray
An idea I have for the back is to create a bondage style back with the left over material I have from creating pannels, the orange material would come across the open back giving it a more modern twist, however I'm not sure whether I will use this idea as of yet..
To finish the pannels I will cut the material so that it stops half way covering the whole front half of the body, then I just have my skirt to work on!

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